A new career as a software developer at HD

I found out about HD through someone I knew in my previous employment. I was looking to start my career as a software developer after working in I.T support for many years. I wanted a new and challenging career and for me, this was in software development.

After I had sent in my CV, I had two interviews with the directors, one was an informal interview, they asked me about myself and why I wanted to be a developer and such. The second interview, I presented a piece of development work from university and showed the directors my use of code and how it worked. I was then successfully hired.

The initial security clearance was a very quick streamlined process, which is undertaken by an outside organisation however this made it a lot easier by having previous address and employment history to hand including right to work information to hand. HD sponsored me to obtain my MOD security clearance, which I am pleased to say I now have.

I really enjoy working for, and with the team at HD. I get the opportunity to work on really cool and interesting projects and I am learning to use new technology and tools to improve my skills to use in all different areas of software development.

My long term goal is to continue to work for HD and to become a well rounded senior developer who has worked on different projects and to lead a team by example.😊