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Command and Control (C2) System

Hamiltonian Dynamics is providing ongoing technical leadership and engineering services through our partnerships, delivering and support an operational C2 (Command and Control) System for our customers.

This system provides the core backbone of informational management, decision making, planning, and processing of data for our customers, in a secure and security focused environment.

Originally a project and system that was in exception with the customer, we came in and provided a comprehensive agile team that includes a Tech Lead, Scrum Master, DevOps, and Software Engineers, to work with the customer in delivering this key system for their core needs.

The team works in 3-week sprints, collaborating with multiple stakeholders and teams from the customer's side. Our primary focus is not only on delivering tailored solutions but also on providing guidance for the customer's long-term strategy. We assist in redefining existing processes and enhancing data flows, ultimately improving user workflows. By doing so, we enable our customers to achieve greater efficiency and maximize the utilization of their current resources, setting them up for success over the next 2-5 years.

  • Team size: 8
  • Skills: Technical Leadership, Software Engineering and Development, DevOps, Operational Support and Monitoring
  • Technologies: TypeScript, React, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, OpenShift

Application Build System

Hamiltonian Dynamics are working as part of a stripy team along with our partners to build and support an operational Application Build System.

This system provides the customer with a platform to perform builds on custom software and configurations.

We provide software engineers and business analysts into the team, who delivery solutions to the customer using Kibana, with a mixed of work across multiple environments.

  • Team size: 4 (HD contingent)
  • Skills: Business Analytics, Software Engineering and Development, Operational Support
  • Technologies: Java

Data Collection System

Hamiltonian Dynamics are working as part of a stripy team along with our partners to build and support a new data collection system for the customer.

This system provides the customer with a mechanism for collecting data from a range areas, this allows the customer to gain insight and pattern of life analysis into their customers.

We provide software and test engineers into the team which work across environments, tackling challenging problems such as effective data transfer, collection and transformation techniques.

  • Team size: 4 (HD contingent)
  • Skills: Software Engineering, Development, and Testing
  • Technologies: Python, OpenShift, data transfer systems

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