Data Analytics Framework

Our Data Analysis Framework (DAF) performs digital forensics, classification, enrichment and metadata analysis which allows easy investigations into any data, bringing rapid data insight to your users, saving time, money and human resources.

DAF is able to take any unstructured data, process it and perform entity extraction, transformations and enrichment on a range of data types, such as video, audio, images, PDF, and more. It allows users to perform full text queries across all analysed data, getting access to what's important, quickly.

It allows collaboration and reporting on information, such as flagging data for future action, tagging as NSFW and creating new or adding to existing reports.

DAF can be deployed to handle single use cases, such as audio processing, integrated into your existing bespoke data and APIs, or deployed as a full suite of analytics and enrichment processing to handle a wide range of use cases.

DAF provides a range of existing enrichments and processing:
* State of the art Machine Learning
* Semantic search
* Standard and bespoke image object detection
* Not Safe For Work (NSFW) detection
* Image captioning
* File metadata analysis
* Natural Language Processing (NLP)
* Audio to text extraction,
* Face Recognition
* and more!

Adding new and bespoke enrichments or processing can be done within days, giving unique and dedicated output for analysts.

DAF is complete with auditing, authentication and authorisation, but can also be integrated with your own systems allowing compliancy with your requirements. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Use Cases
Whether you're processing real time data streams for voice analysis, image classification, and fighting child exploitation, or processing bulk data from Overseas Production Orders or seized criminal devices, DAF has the tools, techniques and capabilities to help your analysts get to the right data, quickly!

DAF can be deployed on site, in the cloud or in a hybrid arrangement, it can be integrated with your own data repositories and processing systems, allowing streaming, batch processing of your own data and data flows.

DAF can be scaled horizontally to met all of your processing needs

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Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Award