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Transform the way you engage with audio data – from transcription and translation to summarisation, sentiment analysis, and named entity extraction. Our Audio Processing capabilities empowers you to gain a deeper understanding of your customer interactions and make data driven decisions to enhance the customer experience, improve agent training and optimise operations in your contact centres and beyond.

Transcription Expertise: Our AI model effortlessly transcribes human voices within audio files, providing users with a visual and query-friendly interface. Unlike traditional methods, our model is installed locally, ensuring data privacy and minimising delays, all while delivering highly accurate transcriptions.

Translation Beyond Boundaries: Going beyond transcription, our AI model offers translation services, breaking language barriers and making data accessible to a global audience. Users can effortlessly comprehend content without understanding the originating languages, fostering inclusivity and expanding the reach of your audio data.

Efficient Summarisation: Experience the efficiency of automatic summarisation with our AI model. Generating concise summaries of audio content, this feature saves time in analysis and communication. Whether presented in a shortened summary or a word cloud format, our tool transforms audio comprehension into a streamlined and accessible process.

Sentiment Analysis and Flow: Our sentiment analysis service analyses the textual transcriptions from the audio input for sentiment using natural language processing techniques. Sentiment analysis algorithms classify the text as positive, negative, or neutral based on the sentiments expressed in the audio. The service aggregates the sentiment scores over the entire audio input or specific segments to provide an overall sentiment expressed by the users during the audio interaction. This provides information about customer satisfaction, sentiment trends, areas for improvement or detecting issues.
By utilising audio sentiment analysis organisations can gain a deeper understanding of their customer interactions and make data driven decisions to enhance the customer experience, improve agent training and optimise operations in their contact centres and beyond.

Named Entity Extraction for Precision: Enhance the precision of information extraction with our named entity extraction feature. Identify and classify specific entities mentioned in audio text, including people, organisations, and dates. This capability supports various Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications, ensuring you extract relevant information from unstructured audio data.

Flexible Deployments Options: Our Services allow you to choose from flexible deployment options that prioritise both speed and security. Host on-premises in your own environment to meet your specific architecture, security, and compliance requirements, or you can deploy within your chosen Cloud provider. All of HD’s services enables easy and smooth connectivity with your existing systems and tools, allowing for efficient data sharing and workflow integration.

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The Possible use cases for our Audio services include....
o Call transcription with user sentiment analysis offering customer insights and analytics
o Detection of Foreign Language used and Translation if required
o Key word flagging, Agent prompts and Alerting
o Automated compliance
The above features can help with Performance Management, Agent Training, Customer Satisfactionand Brand Marketting.

The following file formats are supported by our all of our audio processing services:
o M4a
o Mp3
o Webm
o Mp4
o Mpga
o Wav
o Mpeg

We understand that every business is unique, and that's why our services are highly adaptable to meet your specific needs and requirements. Speak with our specialists to discuss your unique requirements.

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