Flexible - Informative - Automated - Integrative

Explore our Bespoke Capabilities, crafted to empower you with versatile tools for efficient and personalised data management.

Report Generation: Our Report Generation service puts you in control, allowing you to select key items of interest and effortlessly generate reports to share with others. Whether you prefer manual export or automated configurations within external tooling, our service adapts to your reporting needs seamlessly.

Meeting Detection: Experience the power of our Meeting Detection processor, capable of triggering alerts and notifications based on geo-locations derived from multiple data sources or boundary crossings. Designed for scalability, this processor efficiently operates across vast datasets and diverse sources, ensuring comprehensive meeting detection.

Alert Generation: Our Alert Generation service offers a proactive approach, enabling users to specify keywords, items within images/videos, or locations. When the tool identifies a match, it generates an alert that can be conveniently viewed within the application or delivered through SMS or email notifications. The flexibility extends further with seamless integration into any external applications as per your specific requests.

Discover the tailored capabilities of our platform, designed to enhance your workflow and provide solutions that cater to your unique needs. From report generation to meeting detection and alert generation, our bespoke tools empower you to navigate data management with efficiency and precision.

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