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Speech Text Audio Recognition

STAR is our Contact Centre Solution Service which is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline and enhance customer interactions. Some of its key features include:


Automatically convert your audio data into written text transcriptions, helping to improve accessibility, whilst also making it easier to search and assess the contents of the audio recordings.

Sentiment & Emotion Detection

STAR uses machine learning algorithms to identify the emotional sentiment conveyed within audio. This gains valuable insights into how customers feel about certain topics, products, services or interactions, helping you improve your customer service.

Conversation Trend Analysis

Identify trends, common themes, popular topics, shifts in sentiment and other insights within the data to help understand public opinion, customer preferences and emerging issues. Monitoring conversation trends enables valuable insights into customer feedback, market trend, and overall sentiment towards your brand which help you make data-driven decisions to stay ahead of market trends.

Audio Translation

Break the language barriers and make your audio data more accessible to global audiences. Our AI models automatically detect the native language of the audio and translates to a language defined by the user.

Profanity Detection

Identify and flag words or phrases that contain offensive or socially inappropriate language. Maintain a safe and respectful digital environment by automatically detecting offensive content in real-time.

Audio Summarisation

Condense lengthy transcriptions of audio conversations into short and concise summaries that capture the key points and essential information. Save time by making it easier for users to obtain the key information without having to listen or read the entire file.

Named Entity Extraction

Identify and categorise specific objects, locations, names, dates, and other unique entities that hold significance within your audio data.

Hate Speech Detection

Create a more inclusive digital space by automatically identifying content that contains discriminatory, harmful or offensive language based on characteristics such as race, ethnicity, religion, gender or disability.

Automated Quality Assurance

Monitor, evaluate and ensure the quality and compliance of your service automatically instead of relying on manual oversight. Automated quality assurance uses software, algorithms and data analytics to streamline workflows, reduce human error, and accelerates the identification and resolution of issues.  

At HD, we prioritise accuracy and flexibility in our system design, ensuring the highest-quality results and seamless deployment into any environment.  STAR has a proven record of enhancing the daily operations of its users, by making it quicker and easier to extract key information, enabling businesses to make informed data-driven decisions efficiently. Don't just take our word for it, read our customer testimonial below:

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"Implementing the STAR product from Hamiltonian Dynamics has been a game changer for our operations. STAR is extremely high performing, ultra-reliable, and is the foundation that allows us to analyse our call data through cutting-edge machine learning technology. In addition, the support team at Hamiltonian Dynamics has always efficiently resolved any issues that arose. HD’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction really stands out. For anyone in need of exceptional software solutions, Hamiltonian Dynamics is the obvious choice."

Giles, CEO - ResQ

Interested in learning more about STAR's audio analysis capabilities and how it can benefit your business?

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