Live - Configurable - Comparable - Significant

Welcome to the forefront of video processing innovation! Our comprehensive suite of features is designed to elevate your multimedia processing experience to unprecedented heights.

Live Processing Excellence: Discover the power of real-time and batch data processing with our advanced video processor. Seamlessly transforming data into a user-friendly interface, our technology ensures optimal playback and thorough review, whether you're dealing with live streams or batch data.

Intelligent Frame Comparison: Experience frame comparison like never before. Our cutting-edge capability meticulously analyses each frame, extracting significantly different frames with customisable confidence settings. This not only conserves processing resources but also enables the images to undergo additional processing through a dedicated pipeline.

Dynamic Playback with Shared Viewing: Immerse yourself in live video playback, enriched by the unique feature of simultaneous viewing with other users. Choose to watch the entire video or opt for a time-efficient analysis using extracted images. This innovation significantly reduces the time analysts spend scrutinising data.

Precision Person Tracking for Enhanced Security: Navigate the complexities of multiple video streams and varied perspectives with our Person Tracking feature. Tailored for monitoring security camera footage, this tool seamlessly tracks individuals, providing invaluable insights into movement and activity.

Embark on a transformative journey with our Video Processing solutions, where Live Processing, Intelligent Frame Comparison, Dynamic Playback, and Precision Person Tracking converge to redefine the way you interact with video data.

Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Award